About us

We are run by the over 50s, for the benefit of the over 50s

NH50 Plus is determined that the hopes, needs and opinions of over 50s in North Hertfordshire are known and respected by those taking decisions affecting the lives of older people. The Forum independent and non-party political, but we don’t shy away from political issues.

We held our first Open Forum meeting in June 2010 and have since addressed issues such as:  

  • Safe and caring neighbourhoods
  • Digital Exclusion
  • Changes to the way the NHS budget is controlled
  • The planned withdrawal of bank cheques

The Forum has:

  • Taken an active role in Future East, the regional Forum for older people.
  • Talked to the Clearing Banks and  participated in  workshops so they know older people are not happy with the plan to withdraw cheques.
  • Demanded the Government to take into account the views of the over 50s, the major users of the NHS, and let doctors be doctors with regards to plans to hand control of the NHS  budgets to GPs.
  • Been working with partner organisations, charities and societies to raise awareness of the issues affecting our members.